Print Industry

Think Perform have partnered with the nation’s premier print organisation and with small to medium sized print organisations to assist them in coping with consumer’s changing preference for online media. Our transformational programs have resulted in wasted activity being stripped out of daily production processes with the potential for millions of dollars in savings. Additionally, we are working with these clients to improve their flexibility in production, which will allow for the creation of new lines of revenue.

Our Unique Delivery Process, focusing on ‘creating exceptional results through people’ is the platform used for operational and leadership staff to identify improvement projects making tangible change possible and providing a measurable ROI.

The Printing industry has been hit hard over the past five years as a number of social and economic trends have worked against it. Consumers are increasingly choosing to receive information via alternative mediums, such as the internet, rather than via printed materials. This has led to a decline in demand for the services of professional printers. New media continues to encroach into the domain of book and periodical publishing, as the printed word proves slow to produce and costly to distribute. Consumers and businesses are increasingly trading and conducting business online without the aid of printed materials. The Printing industry is expected to generate revenue of $7.9 billion and employ 34,800 people in 2013-14, making it one of the largest manufacturing industries in Australia.’¹

¹ Printing in Australia – Industry Snapshot, IBIS