A 5s Training Course Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Workplace efficiency is an essential part of productivity. In order to be efficient, all employees must be able to work in an organised environment with tools and equipment at point of use. Whether it is an office environment or a warehouse, the workspace must be organised. Some workplaces need help achieving the level of organisation and efficiency necessary for ultimate productivity. This is where a 5S training course can be useful.

What is 5s?

5S consists of the following five steps and all are equally important.

  • Sort
  • Set in order
  • Shine
  • Standardise
  • Sustain

The 5S process kicks off with a blitz, this involves implementation of the first 3 S’s. During this stage you will sort and remove unnecessary items, find a place for everything, clean to inspect and remove or repair damaged parts.

Performing the first three steps of the process will establish the new improved standard for the area.  Both employees and leaders and managers are involved and the immediate result is improved morale due to a more organised workspace that can be showcased. To maintain these new standards a systematic approach will be implemented using visual standards and regular audits to make the changes stick. Most companies don’t have a problem getting everyone to work together to get the office or warehouse organised, keeping it that way, though, takes discipline and commitment from the management team and employees. The Think Perform program including training all levels of the business to ensure they learn everything they need to know in order to make the changes necessary to sustain the organised, efficient and productive environment.

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How 5s Can Help

5S is a continuous process and not a single event. It involves an investment in time and effort from everyone in the organisation. Companies that successfully implement the 5S process with Think Perform increase their productivity as well as employee engagement, resulting in measurable Return On Investment. When employees’ ideas are implemented and key people are involved in 5S, fully engaged in the process, they own it and embrace the changes. From here, the role of a supervisor changes, they provide support and track and communicate the improved results and provide feedback positive and constructive.

Operators otherwise disengaged find purpose in the workplace and we have observed improved morale in the Warehousing and Manufacturing environment. It is important the Leaders and Managers of the business are involved in the 5S process, this shows commitment and support.

Why Your Company Needs 5s

A structured and systematic approach to running a business helps achieve, efficiency and productivity. When employees are involved in creating a more efficient workspace and how doing this can benefit the organisation, they are more likely to take on the duties willingly. With 5S in place, business owners and managers can spend more time on improving the business systems and processes and devising ways to make the company more profitable. Employees who work in an organised space experience improved morale as they are able to find the tools and resources they need to get their job done, this minimises frustration and time wasted walking around looking for things.

Getting Started

Companies often consider a new approach to their organisational methods as a reaction to an incident or accident. The work that is done contains the problem from further impacting production, but rarely addresses the root cause of the issue. The Think Perform program, however, through implementation of 5S, introduces the foundations and structure required, it enables workplace organisation and efficiency and systems to identify corrective actions and make permanent changes to prevent recurrence of issues. Once 5S is fully embedded and the changes have been standardised and sustained, organisations are better able to quickly and easily identify other types of waste that are causing lost time, incurring costs and defects and fix these issues. The implementation of 5S is the very first step towards improving workplace productivity and ultimately results in reduced costs and improved morale.

The 5s component of a course will teach the managers as well as the staff members how to maintain an organised workspace. It starts with input from the employees and support from the management team. Both groups must work together in order to be successful. Research has shown that companies that attempt to discipline employees into compliance with housekeeping policies aren’t effective. Leaving this process up to staff won’t work either. Hiring a company like Think Perform to create a process that involves a team effort can help a company reach its goals most effectively.