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LMA and Think Perform help Kerfab transform the family-owned business

LMA and Think Perform helped transition Kerfab from a family-owned business, to a rapidly growing corporate powerhouse, focused on innovation.

Kerfab manufactures and distributes innovative machinery attachment solutions for the agricultural, civil & construction and waste & recycling materials handling industries.

The company engaged LMA and Think Perform to train its staff to rise to the challenges of remaining competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Aquatic Leisure Technologies (ALT)

Aquatic Leisure Technologies (ALT) is the largest pool manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. ALT partnered with Think Perform to develop the skills of 140 employees across their business and build a continuous improvement culture. Click here to view the full case study.

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News Corporation Australia

“News Corp Australia embarked on a journey with Think Perform as we wanted to inject a cultural change and needed to get engagement from all of our operating staff – Think Perform were able to provide this.

They have a development process we believe really works, is flexible and meets our needs.

Two years into the program we have thousands of ideas generated from about a thousand employees who have experienced a Think Perform program. This transformation has played a large element in our success, and we are very happy with how it has progressed.”

Marcus Hooke, General Manager – Operations, News Corporation Australia