Manufacturing Industry

We know that the manufacturing industry is facing challenge. At Think Perform we offer shop floor continuous improvement programs to help transform businesses using our Unique Delivery Process. Our consultative approach to building partnerships, allows us to tailor a Continuous Improvement program that provides a measurable ROI. Approved improvement projects are driven by your leaders and operational staff allowing us to create exceptional results through people.

‘It is an accepted reality that Australia’s manufacturing landscape has vastly changed. With generally lower productivity levels, an over reliance on resources, increasing energy prices, inflated costs of labour and materials, and high valued dollar, remaining relevant in today’s environment is an ongoing challenge’.¹

Organisations are now seeking innovative ways to improve their productivity and efficiency, with the aim of finding improved methods to their systems and practices resulting in increased revenue and/or the removal of costly activity in their production processes wasting vital time and money.

¹ Page 6, MSA Environmental Scan 2013