Golden North



The Opportunity:

Based in regional South Australia with a rich history spanning over 90 years, Golden North identified the need to become more competitive as a means to better cope with increasing costs across the supply chain and manufacturing process.

“We needed to become more competitive,  this meant that we needed to identify opportunities to sustainably eliminate waste, specifically but not limited to production planning, overproduction, process flow, transportation and material waste. ” General Manager Peter Adamo

The Solution:

Golden North undertook Think Perform’s Manufacturing Excellence Program.  Participants  gained insight into removing wasteful activity from their workplace by application of appropriate Lean tools and continuous improvement.

The Result:

Together with Think Perform, Golden North has developed the ability to improve productivity, reduce waste and better manage their business processes by being open to change through implementing continuous improvement ideas into their workplace.

“From quick wins and projects we have realised $53, 277 in savings per annum and are in the process of making further improvements on site which will double the annual  savings” General Manager, Peter Adamo


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