The Opportunity:

Campagno recognised the need to become more competitive to better cope with increasing costs across the supply chain and manufacturing process.

“The Australian market is extremely competitive, downward pricing pressure is caused by overseas competitors, in addition to competition from local suppliers” General Manager Campagno, Paul Campagno

The Solution:

Campagno Engineering staff undertook Think Perform’s Manufacturing Excellence Program.  Participants  gained insight into removing wasteful activity from their workplace by application of appropriate Lean tools and continuous improvement.

The Result:

The engagement and foundation that was laid by the  Think Perform team has helped Campagno increase their ability to sustain changes made, leading to  better culture across the business.

“Having our staff skilled in Lean means we can focus on continuous improvement to drive efficiency, reduce production costs, focus on developing new products, expand into new domestic and overseas markets and promote our quality and clean credentials” General Manager Campagno, Paul Campagno

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