Unique Workshop Opportunity

Leading and Managing a Continuous Improvement Program

Join us for a half day workshop and discover what is needed to effectively lead, manage and sustain a successful Continuous Improvement program. You will leave this workshop with a specific action plan to boost skills and ensure a Lean implementation in your workplace is successful and sustainable. Join us and discover:

• The 4 key elements for leading & managing change
• Experience an Iplex site tour
Lean based simulation to identify waste
• Real life case studies
• The story of Iplex’s Continuous Improvement journey

Utilising the philosophy of Continuous improvement, your organisation can implement operational excellence utilising the most effective Lean tools and approaches to help you achieve business objectives and resolve key business challenges.

When? Where?
Wednesday 13 April Iplex Pipelines Australia
8:30am Registration 9 Radford Road
8:45am Commencement Resevoir VIC 3073
12:20pm Conclusion
12:30pm Lunch & networking

For further information or to book over the phone please call William Smith on 1300 667 099 or email events@thinkperform.com.au