An Interview With Think Perform Course Participant Kevin Maun

What course did you do?

Certificate 3 in CSP and Certificate 4 in Process Manufacturing

What was the best thing that you learned?

5 Why’s. I now always ask ‘why’ until we get to the root cause. We used to just work around a problem but now we take the time to investigate the problem so we can understand the cause and put in place actions to stop it happening again.

How did you apply the Think Perform teachings to your work?

We were planning to change the factory layout but we held off until we started the training. I am glad we did as after learning the 8 wastes and in particular motion waste, I realised how much waste was still in the proposed layout.

What were the highlights of the program?

Steve (our trainer) recommended that we set the teams based on end to end processes. This worked really well as the operators learned from the end user the impact of poor quality on the next stages. We had great discussions on expectations and standards. The quality has picked up as a result.

What were the results and what did you achieve?

There has been an improvement in quality, reduced rework and improved workflow. We are now tracking product defects and in our toolbox process defects are down 70%.

Did you receive any feedback from your co-workers/manager about the changes?  

I haven’t heard any direct feedback at this stage which means they haven’t found any issues with what we are doing. You can see new behaviours in a number of operators.

Who would you recommend Think Perform to?

I believe the training is applicable to all businesses who want to improve their performance through engaging their workers.


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