Lean Training Ensures a Business Remains Competitive

To remain competitive across Australia, even in very competitive areas like Perth and Melbourne, companies must deliver value to customers at affordable prices. In order to achieve this goal, a company needs to increase efficiency while reducing waste. Lean training can be of help in achieving this goal. For this reason, a lean training course focuses on obtaining results and providing a process that will achieve the desired outcomes.

Upon completion of a course involving Lean training, a company understands how to continuously increase customer value with absolutely no waste. To do so, the company shifts from optimising individual assets, technologies, and departments to using a process that optimises all simultaneously.

Lean Training

Lean six sigma training focuses on providing a company with a methodology that can be practically applied in the workplace. Although many associate this type of training with manufacturing companies, look over a Lean training course outline, as this will quickly reveal how the training benefits organisations of any type.

The training focuses on changing the leadership and culture of an organisation while allowing the organisation to create a solution that achieves their unique desired outcomes. In fact, many companies undergo the training and then create their own title for the unique system they use.

It may be referred to as a production system or a business system, yet all make use of the same principles. They have simply been customised to meet the organisation’s specific needs.

What is Lean Training about?

Lean training involves the complete transformation of the way a business thinks and how the company is run. First and foremost, the organisation needs to determine how their customers define value. Only when this has been done can the company determine which activities must be completed to deliver this value.

The flow of this process must be both efficient and productive to provide the desired results and a pull system must be established in order to meet the orders and needs of the client. Finally, this process must become an integral part of the workplace to ensure for continuous improvement.

Three fundamental principles guide the lean process. First and foremost, customer problems must be identified and solved to allow the company to prosper. Each major value stream is then assessed to ensure it is capable, valuable, flexible, and adequate.

Each step must be linked by the flow, the pull, and the leveling to remain in the process. Finally, people within the organisation must be involved, with certain parties identified to handle the process and ensure it is ongoing. If even one principle is overlooked, the organisation won’t get the most from the process.

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Why Think Perform?

Think Perform has developed an approach that has been tried and tested over the years. This approach focuses on helping businesses overcome any obstacles they are facing, making use of the strengths of the business together with the passion of the employees to produce the desired results.

By building on these two areas, businesses find they are able to make continuous improvements in the business, doing so by focusing on small changes that won’t impact the practices and values of the company.

The approach used by Think Perform takes every employee in the organisation into consideration, as doing so allows value to be added at each level to ensure the long-term stability of changes.

To ensure everyone remains on the same page, it is recommended that businesses offer a visual guide to the process because doing so helps to ensure source clarification and critical areas of success.The visual reminders may also be used to define processes and initiatives to ensure the process remains ongoing.

Think Perform is known for producing exceptional results by placing personal development, individuals, and continuous improvement of the business at the core of the process, and the organisation brings more than 40 years of experience to each interaction.

Available Opportunities

The programs offered through the company are available nationally, and the team spends time in each client’s workplace, allowing employees to provide their input into the process.

This strong partnership and the customised change framework created for each client ensures a business can make use of the system for years to come.

Consider participating in a Lean manufacturing course today. Once one area of a company begins making use of Lean principles, it generates interest in other areas and eventually spreads throughout the organisation. Eliminating waste while creating customer value benefits all, thus a team dedicated to this pursuit needs to be created immediately.

Think Perform can be of assistance in getting this team set up and Lean principles established in a business. Contact them today to learn more about how they can be of help to your organisation in moving forward and remaining competitive in today’s world with the help of Lean training.