Think Perform’s transformational staff development programs are conducted through the implementation of our Unique Delivery Process. Our consultative approach to building a partnership allows our clients in a high quantity, highly competitive and demanding marketplace to ‘create exceptional results through people’ and to measure a return on their investment with an increased ability to strategise towards making further tangible gains over the long term.

With over ‘1.2 million employees in the retail sector’¹ and with turnover exceeding ‘$110 billion per annum coming from the food, beverage, grocery and produce sector’,² Australia’s broad FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market is moving forward with cautious optimism about its future.

Challenges remain in enhancing sustainable growth and building competitiveness from overseas competitors. Rising commodity prices, energy and labour costs and downward pressure from an immensely competitive retail market are driving forces behind industry’s need to find new ways of doing business with more efficiency.

Think Perform’s FMCG clients have come to them with an open mind seeking a partnership with an organisation with a sound understanding of the challenges they face in meeting the demands of their supply chain and balancing them with the need to make cultural improvements.

² Chapter 1, page 2, State of the Industry Report