Earning A Certificate IV In Logistics Could Lead To A Promising Career

Congratulations. According to the Australia 2014-2015 Salary & Employment Forecast, the outlook for those choosing careers in Logistics and Supply Chain is very good. They reported that companies are focusing recruitment efforts on those positions that are critical to the business, including Logistics, Demand and Supply Planners and 3PL Contract Managers. They need professionals who have the knowledge and skills required for the implementation and management of new business processes.

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Companies Need People Trained in Logistics

Recruiters reported that the primary focus of their efforts (55%) was searching for qualified mid-level people. Almost half (47%) of the companies felt that a skills shortage was going to cause salaries to increase,

Career Benefits of Logistics Skills

The ability to improve the performance and productivity of business processes will be of great benefit to any appropriate career path. One of the major elements that businesses of all size focus on is the identification of waste in the workplace. This program teaches participants how to identify waste and how to demonstrate practical solutions for the problem. This skill will be invaluable to any employer.

Certificate 4 in Logistics applies a strategic focus to each lesson. This advanced, higher-level skill set is valuable in a wide range of positions, from Logistics Clerk to management.

Some of the job titles that are open to those with Logistics skills include:

  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Logistics Supervisor
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Purchasing and Supply Logistics Clerk
  • Logistics Officer
  • Operations Manager
  • Logistics/Inventory Coordinator
  • Supply Chain Coordinator/Analyst
  • Production Planner/Scheduler.

Main Features of Certificate iv in logistics – TLI42010

This certification is intended for those who currently hold a position in the Logistics industry or who wish to. Successful completion of this qualification will require the student to demonstrate knowledge of numerous skills, including:

  • The ability to evaluate current business practices and analyse their effectiveness
  • The ability to improve current practices by developing new criteria and procedures
  • The demonstration of leadership and teamwork in planning and applying logistics skills.

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Units of Competency

Some of the units of competency covered by this course and required by the Australian government in order to receive a Cert iv in logistics include:

  • Customer Service Strategies
  • Staff Recruiting, Selecting and Training
  • Risk Identification and Application of Risk Management Processes
  • Development and Implementation of Work Unit Plans
  • Information Gathering and Analysis
  • Composing Complex Documents.

The Structure of the Course

  • The qualification for the Certificate iv in logistics is very hands-on. There will be no long PowerPoint presentations. Instead, facilitators will be engaging with students in a very helpful and interactive manner.
  • Workshops can be held on-site or in any appropriate area of the business.
  • Participants will work on projects that are relevant to the real world and the actual goals of the business.
  • Participants will not be sent home with hours of homework. There is no homework, ever.

The future for people trained in logistics analysis and implementation will only get brighter. While many segments of the economy are expected to decline, logistics is essential to any business, organisation, or defence. There is no substitute for being able to provide strategic plans, identify waste, and ensure that all segments of the production and supply chains are functioning in an optimal manner. People who develop high-level skills are truly invaluable and have a great influence on the success of their enterprise.