Why Every Business Needs to Look Into Taking Advantage of a 5S Training Course

Organisational change tends to be something every business must deal with at one time or another. Any company failing to do so may find they lag behind competitors and lose clients. As a result, companies are now choosing to take part in a 5s training course, one that shows them how to provide a workplace that is more organised, cleaner, and more efficient.

Learning the 5s system and then implementing it will allow for a workspace that is visually managed, and this leads to improve performance from staff. In addition, all employees feel a sense of achievement. The system can be used in any workplace, and it changes the culture of the organisation, leading to additional improvements being encouraged.

The 5S System

A course which includes 5s training outlines the different steps used in this process. The first step involves identifying any items that aren’t needed in the workplace and removing them. Once unnecessary clutter has been eliminated, remaining items need to be stored efficiently and effectively, and a system must be developed to outline any cleaning requirements.

At this stage of the process, the system needs to identify issues so a solution may be developed before the problem gets out of control. The process then needs to be standardised so it can be used throughout the organisation, and employees must be educated on the most efficient methods to use for optimal results.

Finally, a plan needs to be put into place to ensure the progress made is sustained. At this time, the business also needs to find a way to implement routine activities that further this goal.

The 5S system provides a way for every business to see where problems have arisen. For example, with the use of this system, businesses can easily detect inefficiencies related to their equipment. They also find it is easier to see where time is being wasted and how this problem can be eliminated. Other areas where the 5s system may be of help include inventory control and work processes.

The method outlined in quality courses which include 5s addresses all of these areas, using one common procedure that can be incorporated into every aspect of a business.

With the help of this system, every employee learns how to uncover opportunities for improvement in the workplace. The process becomes embedded in every section of the workplace, and the entire facility is designed around these principles. Bad habits are prevented through the use of these techniques, and employees and employers alike find the workplace becomes more pleasant in every respect.

People discover they enjoy coming to work once again, as their input is valued and they feel as if they are making a difference with the work they do.

Think Perform for 5S Training

Think Perform understands the importance of establishing sustainable practices that drive continuous performance improvements in the workplace. We run our courses to empower employees at every level of an organisation to achieve results by enabling a cultural transformation.

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The transformation takes place at every level, and this leads to a workforce that is better engaged as behavioural changes at the floor level are being reinforced by those in leadership positions. What makes this system so effective is its two way approach which encourages collaboration at all levels. As a result, businesses obtain deeper insights which lead to results that are more actionable.

With the use of the 5s system, companies find employees learn new skills and transfer this knowledge to others in the organisation. Efficiency increases and waste is reduced as the process is implemented with the goal being to eliminate waste completely. Profitability and productivity both witness increases as a result of the implementation of this process, and this benefits organisations in every industry.

Companies that look into 5s training courses find their business benefits in numerous areas, often in ways they never anticipated. The time has come to move forward with a system that actually works in the long run, and the 5s system is the answer for many. It’s likely your industry is constantly changing, and businesses must keep up. This system is designed to help every organisation do so in a way that is logical, methodical, and effective.