Transport, Distribution and Logistics

Think Perform’s transformational staff development programs build confidence and capability through the implementation of our unique delivery process.

Working to build truly sustainable long term partnerships, we provide our clients with a measurable return on investment and the ability to create exceptional results through people.

‘With its reach into almost every aspect of daily life, from the goods we consume to the way we commute, the Transport and Logistics Industry makes a strong contribution to the economy. Gross value added to the economy by the industry grew at 3.6% a year from 1985/86 to 2010/11, which was just slightly higher than for the economy overall. The Transport and Logistics Industry is set to continue its strong contribution to the economy. Employment across the industry is forecast to increase proportionally more than in the rest of the economy, reaching 870,000 workers in 2017’.¹

With a forecasted increase between ‘2010 and 2030 of 50% in truck traffic, 90% in rail freight, and 150% in freight container arrivals and departures, and with over 3,800 km of rail lines to be laid’,²  organisation’s ability to remain competitive will come down to its ability to continually improve and innovate.

This need to innovate will require staff to be ‘upskilled’ through development programs improving their ability to prepare, act, measure, adapt and thrive in a changing environment.

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