Think Perform’s national reach allows us, with our clients, to implement our Unique Delivery Process transforming businesses. Our clients are increasing their competitiveness through improved processes which result in productivity gains and provide a measurable ROI. Our consultative approach to building long term partnerships creates confidence with businesses around the country, proving that by create exceptional results through people they can build a sustainable future.

With Australia’s supermarket duopoly continuing their growth and the seemingly exponentially increase in the number of middle class people in Asia with a love for Australian produce, the industry has grown to ‘A$237 billion with a workforce of over 825,000 people (excluding retail sales)’.¹

Remaining competitive and profitable given shrinking margins are key challenges for business, as is adequately filling the skills shortages gap that exists in both metropolitan and regional areas of Australia.

¹ Page 15, Agrifood Skills Australia 2013 Environmental Scan