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Acting as the consulting division of Think Perform, Think Perform Solutions (TPS) provides world-class insight and practical strategies to organisations seeking to enhance efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.

Our Senior TPS Consultants each have over 15 years Lean and Continuous Improvement experience. In addition, our consultants have extensive local and international experience in a variety of sectors such as assembly, heavy manufacturing, logistics, food production and warehousing. Utilising Lean methodologies and tools as well as significant client-side and consulting experience, TPS delivers tailored solutions specific to your business needs via direct consulting as well as conducting a Lean Maturity Assessment.

TPS caters to organisations of all sizes having successfully worked with multi-nationals, government agencies and single site operations to identify areas for improvement and productivity improvement solutions which reduce waste, improve efficiency and increase profit.

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At TPS we develop a framework for development that is customised to the needs of your organisation. Each solution considers industry influences, short and long-term challenges, management insights and input from frontline staff. TPS’s consulting approach captures insights across all levels of the organisation to capitalise on performance and productivity improvement opportunities. TPS takes a long-term view of Operational Excellence. Our partnering approach provides specific solutions and encourages development of a culture of Continuous Improvement for sustainable results.

Lean Maturity Assessment

TPS’s Lean Maturity Assessment provides leaders a structured analysis and insight into the problems of Lean thinking and application in the workplace. Most importantly, the analysis clearly identifies opportunities for immediate improvement. The Lean Maturity Assessment is comprised of 19 Lean tools and principles brought together in one document.  Clients receive practical ideas and solutions to improve areas of underperformance and maintain areas of strength. As a result of the Lean Maturity Assessment, clients invariably report tangible ROI with increased efficiencies and reduced waste within the process.


TPS’s Lean Maturity Assessment and consulting services can be used independently or in conjunction with Operational Excellence programs being delivered by the associated company, Think Perform.

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